We picked up our little Tucker from Lion’s Gate Labs a few weeks ago…what a great little guy. The family did a great job with their babies. In just a couple of weeks, he has been almost completely house trained. We decided to start his crate training immediately too. Because of the way the breeder handled their litter, he acclimated very well to the whole process. He’s so smart and lovey dovey. We’re very happy…

Dayna Barton

Just great people to do business with!!! Gabe and Stacy are top notch in their communication and interaction, and very honest about their dogs. I have bought my first puppy from them and could not be happier, the parent dogs are great dogs and the house is super clean showing they care for their puppies. If you go with Lions Gate labs you will not be disappointed with your choice.

Cooper Jensen

There are two dates etched in my memory forever: 11/15/09 and 4/20/11. The first date was when I brought Kona home from Lions Gate Labs, and the second was when I lost him in a car accident.

I had never met Gabe before I picked Kona out of an all chocolate litter at 10 days old. My girlfriend had contacted them, unbeknownst to me, and put a deposit down on a puppy. I met the litters mom that day, Sunny, who was a red firefox lab and a sweetheart.

Gabe kept two of Kona’s sisters from that litter. Peppermint and Starbucks, and I have been waiting for Kona’s nephews and nieces ever since. I saw Peppermints litter the day after they were born and fell in love all over again. A good friend of mine, who knew Kona and had been waiting almost a year, got one of her sons-Jager-and he is awesome. The timing wasn’t right for me and I am eagerly awaiting Starbucks litter.

My parents have Stormy, A half brother of peppermint and Starbucks and Kona whom they received after Gabe contacted me post-accident. He needed to focus on the girls (plus stormy is neutered and liked to chase their chickens) and made a tough decision. I wasn’t healthy enough to own another dog yet, but I knew he was perfect for my parents.They loved him from day one. A direct quote from my 69 year old mother the other week was: ” I’ve loved all our dogs, but I’ve never been attached to one like I am with Stormy.”

I have now known 4 generations of Lions Gate Labs and they are second to none. I’ve been around many different lines and without question theses are unparalleled. The dogs are amazing, the breeder is extremely knowledgeable and the puppies are raised around children. All generations I have met and known are gentle, mellow and natural hunters. They are the epitome of why we love this breed.

There is one more date to add to my bittersweet list: When I pick up my new pooch–Starbuck’s son and Kona’s nephew–within the next 2 months!

If anyone has any questions or would like to see pictures of Kona or Stormy (or even Jager) I will be happy to oblige. You can get in contact with the breeder and he will give you my email as there are restrictions on this site. I have no stake in the Lions Gate Lab business other than I love this line and I want fellow lab lovers to share in the joy of these dogs.

A+++++ recommendation.



Lions Gate was a pleasure to work with, thoroughly enjoyed picking out our pup. This breeder gave great service and our pup is a great addition to the family. Their facility is very clean with lots of room. To make it short, let me just say my pup is everything I hoped he’d be and then some.

JB Macpherson