Our Dogs

We currently have three dogs that we are raising. They are a part of our family. Our dogs are never kenneled or chained. They are allowed to run free on our invisible fence system over all 8 acres. It makes for healthier, more adventurous and happier dogs. We discourage purchase from puppy mills and believe that Labrador retrievers need plenty of interaction with human beings. We never exceed more than our own family can handle.

Buck | Sire

Born 9.29.2007

We acquired buck 2012 from another family. He is an excellent companion and is gentle and loving. His personality changes in the field from mellow to energetic as his greatest desire is to retrieve for his master. Buck’s lines are very much the sporting style being taller and heavier than the show breed. His build is very masculine with the dominating head and wide chest making him intimidating and quick on the hunt. In on word, Buck is “loyal”.





Peppermint | Dam

Born 9/22/2009

Peppermint has excellent British lines and a shorter appearance than the common sporting Labrador. Her personality is the calmer of our two females. She is submissive but energetic, making her an excellent choice for show dog breeders. She also has plenty of drive to chase out birds so she would make a great hunter is well. Her calm personality makes her a nurturing mother and very good with children.




Starbucks | Dam

Born 9/22/2009

Starbucks has taller sporting lines and an athletic build that would make her a great choice for hunters. Starbucks is definitely the most athletic of all our dogs. Her personality is described as high energy, making her a definite choice for the Hunting type. Starbucks has excellent aquatic swimming skills and retrieval skills but also loves nothing more than being at your side. She is also a very protective, nurturing mother.